The Hillcart Tales – For spectacular tea blends

A cup of tea makes everything better. It’s not a luxury, it is a necessity. But you don’t need to have it the old fashioned way. Because there are so many variants out there, that it will absolutely boggle your mind. If you like to experiment and try new stuff, then “The Hillcart Tales” will absolutely leave you spoilt for choice. This brand offers a wide range of black, green, infusions and exotic tisanes with 32 variants which you can savour. Presented in an elegant packaging of tea bags and loose leaf, these tea have rich flavours and enticing aromas.

The parent company, A Tosh & Sons (India) Limited is more than a century old and is the brainchild of Mr Ashutosh. He had a vision to bring together the choicest of world teas together, leading to exquisite blends which can be offered to tea aficionados worldwide. Under the British Era during the late 1800s, the sourcing and blending of rare teas lead to his establishment as an eminent trader and he started his first venture of handcrafted blends at Harrison road, Calcutta and so a legacy was born. And has been carried on by future generations. The oldest tea recipe dates back to 1890s and Mr Ashutosh has meticulously developed blends that harmonized nuances of one tea with another.

The shoots are handpicked and the master blenders ensure the quality behind the cultivation as well as its processing. The tea leaves are procured from finest gardens and expertly blended using the age old secret recipes. The 32 variants are available in a pack of 7’s and 14’s. The packaging depicts hand crafted watercolours inspired by 37 generations of renowned traditionalartistic lineage. Apart from the classic flavours they also offer some unique blends which includes Spice Carnival, Mango Dolce, Caramel Dream, Tiramisu Delight, Strawberry Lime and the list continues. If the name itself is so enticing, just imagine how the taste would be. Or better yet don’t, just go to their website, buy the teas and taste it for real.

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