The Addams House – A Spooky Delight

I still remember the times during my childhood when I eagerly waited for The Addams Family cartoon to air on television. And my childhood favourite has come into being in our very own Gurugram. The Addams House, a new restaurant and brewery is built on the theme of this very cartoon and is a dream come true for every 90’s kid. The place is of two floors, first floor which encompasses indoor seating, second floor which has a shaded rooftop and a separate private dining area.



There are not many spooky elements on the rooftop, it is more on the prettier side. The indoor seating has huge Victorian windows and eerie lamp which gives it a very spooky vibe. Another masterpiece is a larger than life statue of lurch who is extending his hand in greeting. Another eye catching wall art is a man being eaten alive, whose leg is only daggling out from the shark’s mouth. The bar area is quite big and right adjacent to it is a book cabinet accompanied with two red comfy couches. That area is quite cosy.

Wonder Lust

Beginning with the drinks I tried, Wonder Lust which was an exemplary concoction of infused vanilla pods vodka, fresh lime, passion fruit, pomegranate juice and topped with pomegranate caviar. The drink was an absolute beauty to look at. Bhoot, yup you read right, that’s the name. Spiced Rum based drink accompanied with betel leaf, passion fruit, lime juice, mango puree and orange juice, found it to be quite okaish in taste.

Addam’s Brew

Addam’s Brew, it was served in a boot shaped mug which was topped with beer bottle, quite cute really. This vodka based drink was quite refreshing in taste. From mocktails I tried, Ghost Buster, which was a brew of red & green apple, cinnamon and apple fizz. Fantastic flavour combination and highly recommended.

Addams Dragon Popcorn

Coming to the food, began the tasting with Amuse bouche with was a pickled beetroot slice with bell pepper relish. I liked the bell pepper more than the beetroot itself. Addams Dragon Popcorn, presented in a molecular way these were available in two flavours country caramel and cheese. I personally liked both the flavours, you guys can choose according to your palate sweet or salty. Also these leave a very cool sensation in your mouth.

Rajma Chawal Balls

Chakhna Wakhna, this was an assortment of three types of chakhna. One was boiled chickpea, second kidney beans and third black chana. All three were mixed with onion, tomatoes, spices and green chillies. Each one of them varied in spice level, with the chickpea one being the spiciest and also my favourite and is recommended. Rajma Chawal Balls, crispy fried rajma chawal which was wonderfully spicy as well, absolutely delicious and recommended.

Savoury Molecular Spheres with Titbits

Savoury Molecular Spheres with Titbits, these were pretty varied coloured spheres filled with savoury liquid which goes pop in your mouth and accompanied with skewered fruits. Pulled Jackfruit Tacos, this were hard shell tacos stuffed with wonderfully spicy jackfruit, quite good in taste. Lamb Stuffed Chilly poppers, this was my favourite savoury dish hands down. Jumbo green chillies were stuffed with spicy lamb keema and served with mint mayo. Wonderfully delectable and a must try. Golgappas the modern classical way, golgappas were stuffed with masala potatoes and induced with curd in a molecular form. This dish didn’t quite appeal to my taste buds that much.

Pugsley’s Portion

Pugsley’s Portion, this was half roasted chicken with spices accompanied with herbed potatoes, sautéed veggies and harissa cream. The chicken in itself was soft, juicy and delicious. I didn’t particularly liked the harissa cream, I preferred my dish without it. The spicy roasted chicken truly was delicious. Grilled Fish Fillets, fish was marinated in kasundi which is a variant of mustard and herb. It was very soft in texture and quite tangy due to the addition of lime aire. It was served on a bed of lemon pepper khichdi which was equally delicious.

Meat Fruit

Meat Fruit, inspired by Heston Blumenthal’s dish Addams House has introduced it in their menu. Now the essence of the dish is that, it looks like a fruit from outside but actually it is made with chicken liver with the outer coating being sweet. You cut the fruit, spread it over bread and then eat it. Now it may not be appealing to everybody’s palate as the combo of meat with sweet ain’t that widely accepted. But this definitely can be given a try, it’s truly something unique.

Winter Rose

Lastly I tried three desserts and each one of them was absolutely fantastic. Winter Rose, this was rose flavoured espuma served with thandai gelato. Both the item tasted good separately as well as when combined together. Rose espuma was cryo frozen so was a bit hard in texture but the moment you bite into it you can taste all the rosey goodness, highly recommended this is.

Gulabari Cheesecake

Gulabari Cheesecake, this was rose flavoured cheesecake on a bed of gulkand crumb. It was soft and moist in texture and delightful in taste. Chocolate Hazelnut Royal Crackle, inspired by the idea of magnum ice cream, the exterior which was roasted almond crackle was hard and the interior which was rich chocolate hazelnut mousse was lusciously soft. Topped with rich chocolate cremaux it was extremely rich and delectable in taste. Highly recommended this dish is.

Chocolate Hazelnut Royal Crackle

The Addams House has got a lot to offer whether it be in term of ambiance, nice cocktails, innovative dishes or spectacular desserts. Fan of Addams Family or not this place surely deserves a visit.

Ratings -:

Ambiance – 5/5

Service – 4/5

Food – 4/5

Drinks – 3.5/5



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