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“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, well this phrase certainly stands true for Taruveda. Tucked inside a bungalow, you won’t even guess what a spectacular little boutique café you are about to stumble on. The conglomeration of stuff that this place holds is absolutely mind boggling. Each and every item is unique in its own way, or in other words customised. From clothes, to stationery, to jewellery, to organic skincare to pretty little tea sets, it houses everything that you could desire for.


On my recent visit to Jaipur, I enjoyed a lovely lunch at Taruveda cafe. The café is divided into sections with two separate indoor seating section and two separate rooftop seating area. I opted for the indoor seating, as I found the décor to be particularly fascinating. The whole wall showcases an image of tree with wide branches and cute little birds and butterflies painted on top of it. The ambiance is definitely one of its kind. Although the food preparation time was quite a bit, but when you are in a place like this, you won’t mind lazing around.


Began my meal with Summer Gazpacho soup, I am not a very big fan of cold soup, that being said this was really well made. It was served along with Pulled Apart Garlic Bread, loved it so much that finished 3 servings of it, do not forget to order this side at any cost, highly recommended. Classic Caesar Salad, tried veg as well as the non-veg variant. Chicken salad emerged as the clear winner. Addition of mushroom in veg salad was a nice touch but the dressing worked so much better with chicken.


Moroccan Lamb Canapes, lovely in presentation as well as in taste. Pita bread topped with hummus, salad and lamb galette which was beautifully moist, loved it. Grilled basa served with potato mash, grilled veggies and topped with burnt garlic sauce. This was my second favourite dish after the garlic bread. The fish was so soft and the taste was to die for, this is highly recommended. Even if you are not a fish lover, you will end up eating it.


Coming to the desserts I ate, Nutella Waffle, which was quite well made but nothing extraordinary. Lava Lava, served in a cute little cup this was hot molten chocolate with a simmering brownie crust. I finished the whole dessert all by myself I loved it so much. This is highly recommended for chocolate lovers. The ice cream served with it was below average, nothing to brag about. In drinks, Ginger Fizz and Indian Jaljeera are the two coolers that I absolutely loved and would recommend. They also make absolutely kickass ginger tea, I would know, I ended my meal with it.


Summing up, I had one of the best food experiences while in Jaipur at this café. I kind of envy Jaipur people now. If I lived in Jaipur, this place would have been my haunt.

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Ratings -:

Ambiance – 5/5

Service – 4/5

Drinks – 4/5

Food – 4.5/5



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