Popsicle Making at home with Tupperware

No summer is complete without ice creams, popsicles or our very own desi version, kulfi. All new popsicle moulds named ‘Mickey Ice Tup Set’ from Tupperware has made it quite easy to achieve the feat of making popsicles at home which are customized to our tastebuds.


The complete set includes 6 tups with covers, 6 sticks with Mickey Mouse handle and a tray. These look extremely cute given the attractive Mickey Mouse design. Dual benefit is that these can be used as an ice tray as well. This is high quality food grade material with 50ml capacity per container. With the colour combination of yellow and orange, these are easy to fill, simple to seal (air tight container) and effortless to remove. Another characteristics is that it is translucent which helps to identify your favourite colour.


I made malai pista kulfi with the said product. The shape of the kulfi was absolutely perfect, and this Ice Tup Set was very easy to clean after use. This product has the ability to grab your attention in one look, and is easily available online as well as offline. Hurry up and add this summery product to your kitchen supplements.

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