PapyBlem Pigmentation & Blemish Face Gel by Bella Vita Organic

Pigmentation is a stubborn skin concern and you cannot get rid of it easily. Pigmentation or hyperpigmentation happens because of excess melanin production in the skin. Melanin is a natural pigment produced by the cells in the skin that gives color to it. Excess production of melanin can cause a deeper skin coloration that is usually called pigmentation. Now, this can be caused due to extreme sun exposure and burns, hormonal reactions, skin injuries, or inflammation. 

PapyBlem by Bella Vita Organic is specially designed to tackle this concern. This pigmentation cream works best when used regularly. You can switch this for your moisturizer as it’s extremely hydrating. People who prefer gel-based moisturizers or creams should definitely give this a try, even if you don’t have pigmentation. It is a gel-based face cream, it’s super light-weight and is best for people with normal to oily skin. It has amazing natural ingredients like papaya, saffron, aloe vera, turmeric, etc combined with ayurvedic herbs that lighten dark spots, blemishes, pigmentation. It improves the skin’s texture and even its tone. 

My Experience: 

I have been using this for around 2 months or more now and I have seen such a nice difference in my skin. My skin has been smoother and softer now and the ingredients have worked really well on me. The gel-like texture of this cream is best for people with normal to oily skin types as it absorbs into the skin and does not create a sticky feeling. I love the fact that it’s natural and smells amazing without any artificial fragrances added to it. The product gives the ultimate feel of using something luxurious. 

How to use it right: 

Wash your face properly with a face wash & pat dry

Take the required amount of PapyBlem 

Massage in upward, circular motion and let the product absorb in the skin 

Use twice everyday 

Specifications of the product: 

  1. It is light-weight and gel-like. 
  2. Absorbs naturally in the skin. 
  3. The fragrance is light and natural 
  4. It is an 85gm plastic tub with classy packaging. 
  5. Information is mentioned on the box
  6. MRP is Rs. 499/- Easily available at a discount on their official website

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