Nirula’s, Havmor, Giani’s or Baskin Robbins – Which brand has the best Red Velvet Ice Cream ?

Red Velvet is one of those ice cream flavours, which is absolutely creamy, dreamy and delicious. It is truly a great amalgamation of cheesecake ice cream base with red velvet cake crumbs. As winter sets in, my urge to gobble ice cream becomes even stronger because for me ice cream in winters is a true delight. And on that note, I went on a hunt to find the best red velvet ice cream in town.

Given the decadence nature of this particular ice cream flavour, I took into consideration only the premium ice cream brands. Taste, texture and colour, are the three main criteria on which I would be judging this dessert. The four brands that I opted for this experimentation were Nirulas, Havmor, Giani’s and Baskin Robbins. So, after binge fully hopping from one out to another, this is what I discovered -:

1. Giani’s – This Delhi established ice cream brand comes from the house of legendary outlet ‘Giani Di Hatti’, and serves an N number of classic as well as exotic flavours, add kulfi and ice cream cakes to that equation and you are most definitely spoilt for choice. Coming to the Red Velvet ice cream, in colour it was more like brick red in colour, texture wise it was creamy but the flavour of red velvet was really mild, didn’t quite feel the punch. Which is why it ranked 3rd for me.

2. Havmor – Having its origin story in Pakistan, this brand is one of the recent additions to Delhi’s food scenario. This brand is known for its unique flavours and some of them are specifically inspired by Indian ingredients. Now the ice cream was whiter in colour with very less red hues in it, but as I dove into it the true red colour began to pop. Texture was also a plus point but the taste was a major negative for me. There was bit too much artificial flavouring in it, which completely ruined the flavour, which is why it ranks 4th in my list.

3. Baskin Robbins – This internationally renowned ice cream brand needs no introduction. Been ruling the ice cream market since long, this brand has come up with some absolutely amazing flavours. Now coming to the red velvet ice cream, the colour was mostly white with dark red hues. The texture was rich and creamy, and even tasted wise it packed a punch, which is why it ranks 2nd in my list.

4. Nirula’s – This place manages to invoke nostalgia in me every time. This age old place has been my favourite since forever and I have always been a fan of their Hot Chocolate Fudge. And they didn’t disappoint with the red velvet ice cream either. The colour was on point, white mixed with exactly right red hue. It was so creamy in texture and was a complete flavour bomb. It was just like eating a red velvet cake except cold. And these are the reasons why Nirula’s bags the 1st place in my list.

Verdict -: Havmor needs to improve the flavour big time, whereas the brick red colour of Giani’s ice cream is what put me off. Baskin Robbins, scored well in the taste, texture and flavour department but it was that flavour punch and eye pleasing colour of Nirula’s which makes it win this round.    

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