Marine Drivve – Swanky new addition to Rajouri Garden

A new addition to the jam packed Rajouri Garden, Marine Drivve Club and Courtyard aims to provide an exceptional culinary experience. Sprawled across two floors excluding the terrace, the décor of this place is inspired by the sea. Eclectic décor with multiple shades of ocean colours, having indoor as well as outdoor seating makes for a spectacular ambiance. But what I liked even better was the hospitality. Courteous and humble staff plus really fast service is another feather in their cap.

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Started the meal with mocktails as they are yet to get their liquor license. Mirch Mumtaz which was a mixture of Lychee, coriander and green chilly, sweet and spicy at the same time. Crimson Dreams which was quite a refreshing drink made with pomegranate, passion fruit and ginger. Moving on to a bit theatrical stuff, also ordered for Nam Kang Sai (Thai Shaved Ice) in Mango flavour. Condensed milk was infused with liquid nitrogen and then topped with jujubies. The final product is thick in consistency and you don’t drink it but you eat it with spoon.

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In starters I ate, Banarasi Mirch ka Paneer which was accompanied with fig and green apple chutney. The paneer was totally melt in mouth and wonderful in taste. Sambhar Rice Arancini, now I have tried many variants of arancini but this was something new even for me. The balance of flavour was just right, it was spicy and cheesy at the same time, quite a feat to achieve. Murg Vodka Malai Tikka, although I am not really fond of chicken tikka but I tried this on recommendation. The presentation was eye pleasing and the creamy murg tikka was topped with flaming spice infused vodka, fantastic to look at and even better in taste. Mutton Gilawat, these are my all-time favourite and they sure know how to make a kickass kebab. Beautifully spicy and teamed up with slightly sweet warqi parantha, these were absolutely toothsome. Tandoori Rawas Tikka, this Bombay inspired salmon dish was again a winner. Beautiful fish completely coated in marinade was a delight. Try any of these dishes and you won’t be disappointed.


Delhi Street Matra Kulcha, loved the rustic presentation in a copper handi and the kulchas were soft and well prepared. They could have added a little less onions and tomatoes to the matra, it would have really enhanced the taste. Hot Paprika Mushroom Tzatziki, well this the only dish I was disappointed with. The mushroom were soaked in vinegar marinade, and the flavour of vinegar was so dominant that every other flavour became obscured.


Moving to the main course I ordered an assortment of dishes. Khattey Baingan Ka Salan, this veg preparation of eggplant in tangy coconut gravy was my absolute favourite and absolute highlight of my main course. Bengal Fish Curry, absolutely one of the best fish curries I have tasted in recent times and coming from a Bengali, this means something. Steamed Rice proved to be the best accompaniment for these two dishes, absolutely not to be missed. Also tried their Hyderabadi Dum Murgh Biryani which was served with raita and salan. Although the biryani was nicely cooked and chicken pieces were juicy but I found the flavour of pudina to be a bit dominant.


Lastly the desserts, I tried Nitrogen Shahi Tukda which is their in house speciality. It was topped with cream which was infused with nitrogen ice. Again a spectacular feat from the house of Marine Drivve. No meal of mine is complete without a chocolate based dessert. So opted for Bittersweet rich chocolate and walnut brownie topped with vanilla ice cream. The gooey texture and delectable taste made me fall for it instantly, absolute must try for chocolate lovers.


Summing up, this was by far one of the better lunch experiences I have had in recent times. Marine Drivve is the complete package whether it be in terms of ambiance, service, food or drinks. My verdict, this place is definitely here to stay.

Ratings -:

Ambiance – 5/5

Service – 5/5

Drinks – 4.5/5

Food – 4.5/5

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