Made In Punjab – A Culinary Delight

Located in Cyber Hub, Made In Punjab is a classy place serving some lip smacking Punjabi food. I went to this restaurant for lunch and enjoyed every part of this. The restaurant has a separate buffet section, a separate bar area and a separate dining space. Dark wood furniture and comfortable couches comprises the seating space. The service is top notch, hospitality is something they ace at.


In cocktails I tried, Gulabo, served in a black box with smoke coming out of it, the drink was a concoction of vodka, rose syrup, lime and topped with rose petal and served in a shot glass, truly delightful. Jugni Nashe Wali , their in house version of LIIT, cutting chai style. A mixture of orange marmalade, ginger and Dal chini, this is not to be missed.


Negroni, made with gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. Fair warning this is an extremely bitter drink and is only suggested for hard core coffee lovers. Naya Zamana, old fashioned with a twist, addition being of apple caramel and soda, very okaish in taste. Syappa, ever had garlic in your cocktail ? Well I did and loved it. A combination of coffee, garlic and vodka try this when in mood to try something different. Kala Khatta Chuski, when chuski gets alcoholic it just gets better. This was the last cocktail I tried and loved it, recommended.

Popeye Paaji Ki Favourite Chaat

Coming to the food, began the meal with Popeye Paaji Ki Favourite Chaat, in other words spinach chaat. Crispy fried spinach leaves coated with gram flour topped with yougurt, tamarind and mint chutney, pomegranate as well as cubes of aam papad, recommended this is. Tokri Chaat, potato baskets stuffed with paneer, arbi, peas and garnished with pomegranate, aam papad cubes, mint chutney and yogurt. Loved the concept and taste was good.

Kalmi Kebab

Bun Chori, two buns stuffed with peas kachori, in short mini kachori burger I call it. First time I tried something like this and accompanied with potato wedges it was a truly delicious dish. Broccoli Badaam, Broccoli marinated in chilli, garlic almonds and roasted in tandoor. Creamy texture with a fantastic elaichi flavour, recommended this is. Kalmi Kebab, mild flavours but what taste. One of the best I have tasted till date, recommended.

Legacy Tandoori Champ

LOL Tikki, patties made with lamb which was slow cooked for 6 hours. I found the curd flavour to be a bit overpowering in this dish. Jau Mushroom Chakli, mushroom tikkis, crispy outside and soft within with hints of mustard, really good in taste. Samosa Golmal, potato samosas served with peas masala, chutneys and yogurt. I totally loved this samosa chaat, highly recommended. Legacy Tandoori Champ, Lamb ribs marinated in spices, cooked by braising as well as in tandoor. It was soo soft it feel off the bones, highly recommended.

Luxury BC

Now let’s come to the main course. Fauji Chowk Di Chicken Curry, beautifully cooked chicken pieces in a garam masala based gravy, a true spicy delicacy. Luxury BC, meaning luxury butter chicken even the presentation will signify so. Rich creamy texture, perfect balance of sweetness and topped with a layer of paper thin edible silver foil, this dish is not to be missed. Maa Ki Dal, Classic dal makhani which was piquant, rich and creamy, absolutely fantastic and recommended.

Guchchi Pulao

Hard Nalli Kaur, melt in mouth lamb shanks in a mouth-watering yogurt and onion based gravy, a must try dish this is. Gobbled all these with Guchchi Pulao, it was a riot of colours, garnished with mint leaves and laden with ghee. It proved to be the perfect accompaniment to the dishes, again a must try dish.

Nukkad Jalebi

Moving on to the desserts, I ate Goushalla di Kulfi, served in a glass which was glazed with berry cream and made with condensed milk. This kulfi melts off really fast but what taste. It was wonderfully toothsome, highly recommended. Nukkad Jalebi, served in a martini glass, the crispy thin jalebis were accompanied with delicious rabri is again a highly recommended dish. Ras “Dates” Malai, classic rasmalai accompanied with date rabri, quite a lovely combo and really good in taste.

Goushalla Di Kulfi

My verdict, Made In Punjab serves some lip smacking Punjabi dishes with a twist. From ambiance to service to food and drinks, everything about this place will make you come back to this place again and again. This place provides a culinary experience which is not to be missed, visit to this place is a must.


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