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Unwanted hair on our body or losing hair way too quickly has been an issue for mostly all of us since long. In order to feel good it is absolutely crucial to look good, it is a major factor which boasts our confidence. Unwanted Laser hair reduction and Hair Transplantation treatments are gaining popularity day by day, and DermaClinix is without a doubt one of the best skin and hair solution centers in Delhi providing these treatments.


Having catered to famous celebrities and politicians, this clinic has a highly qualified and dedicated team of dermatologists including Dr Kavish Chouhan, Dr Amrendra Kumar, Dr Jyoti Gupta and Dr Ariganesh Chandrasegaran. Clinic also has OT technicians, laser operators and staff members who are more than capable for providing exclusive services. Equipped with state of the art technology, as well we ground breaking Alex technology which combines the benefits of the Alexandrite wavelength and Diode laser, makes this clinic capable of offering cutting-edge in hair removal technology and treatment methods.


Why to opt for laser hair removal?

We regularly go to parlours for waxing, or use epilators or opt for the painless mean hair removal creams. Waxing and epilators causes pain whereas hair removal creams increases our hair growth in the long run as well makes the application area dark. Laser Hair removal is a solution for all of these problems. It is considered to be painless but every person has a different threshold, so it varies from 0-1 on a scale of 5, which is next to negligible. It usually takes 4-6 sittings for complete hair removal depending on the area and hair growth. After that maintenance is required once a year.

The quality of lasers plays a major part in this treatment, better the laser, more efficient is the effect. This clinic has 5 types of lasers for hair removal namely Intense Pulse Light, Alexandrite, Nd: YAG, Ruby and Diode. The type of laser to be used is determined by the doctors after a diagnosis which is done prior to the actual treatment. Laser treatment can be done on dark as well as tanned skin. It is suitable for all skin types as well as all hair types including coarse as well as fine hair. The only precaution to be taken is not to go for waxing 3-4 days before the treatment and 6 weeks after the treatment. First the hair is shaved during the session and then the laser treatment begins which actually is a fast procedure, taking 20- 40 minutes depending on the area. The frequency at which the hair use to go will decrease. For example, if the hair was coming back within 15 days of waxing, now it will take 30 days for the hair come back after the first session. For complete hair removal 4-6 session would be required.


Now let’s talk about the second major service this clinic provides – Hair Transplantation

Losing hair due to illness, accident or pure genetics is a really big issue. Premature Baldness is a big issue and in situations like these hair transplantation is the best treatment that one can opt for. Any other methods available in market including oils or medicines won’t be able to provide any beneficial outcome. The entire top floor of this clinic is dedicated to hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a minor out-patient surgery which requires 4-12 hours and is usually performed under local anesthesia. In this procedure basically hair is taken from your chest or beard and is transplanted or your head. Now this procedure can also be used for eyebrows, eyelashes or beard. Hair can also be restored over scarred areas or injuries. The benefits would be visible within 2-4 weeks and for the hair to restore completely, it will take 1 year.


When it comes to hair or skin treatments, it is absolutely crucial to choose the best place which could provide quality service, and Dermaclinix most certainly is the best. Clinic made in soothing tone of white, red and brown colours, equipped with best technology, highly qualified doctors and trained staffed they are more than capable to provide you with the treatment that you deserve. After all quality living is the best kind of living.

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