Dutyfree Vayubar – Latest entrant in Gurugram

Dutyfree Vayubar is the latest new entrant in Sector 29, Gurugram and is most certainly here to stay. With such innovative food at such nominal prices and the fact that is property has such a fabulous rooftop is just few of the major plus points about this place.



Each and every cocktail that they serve has a really unique presentation. One of the major highlights would be their Pawua cocktails which as the name suggests are served in pawua bottles and they have six different concoctions of the same. I tried Pappu Pager and Chucha and both were spot on. In other cocktails, I tried Billionaire which was bourbon based, Public Holiday which was served in a bird’s nest and had turmeric as the dominant flavour. Boss Calling You, this gin based drink was quite refreshing but my personal favourite will be Gate Pass because of that strong rose flavour. Overall, the cocktails were truly fabulous.


Now coming to the food, began the meal with Popcorn Jhalmuri, as the name suggests, instead of muri they have used popcorn as the main element and this dish serves the purpose of a good chakhna. Another unique dish in their menu is Nachos Pizza, and I opted for Half n half trying both the veg and non-veg variant. The crust being the fab part of this dish, toppings being a close second. Pasta in Lemon Pesto Sauce, what a fab, FAB creation. This innovation pasta sauce was the right amount of tangy and tasted totally delicious.


I also tried their veg and non veg dimsum platter but none of them had any visible impact on palate, that being said, the dimsums weren’t bad, but lacked the wow factor overall. Now let’s talk about a few healthy options on their menu, I am pointed towards salad of course. They serve two salads on one plate and the presentation is completely wow. The two salads were Asian noodles Salad and DF Signature fruits & nuts salad. Both were good but the signature salad was the show stealer and is highly recommended.


Also tried the veg and non-veg variants of Vol Au Coun, the filling was nice but the outer layer was a bit excess. Fiery Chicken Wings, now don’t get me wrong, these were delicious but not exactly something that I would call spicy. My Boss’s Favourite Fish, the name of this dish has been kept so because it is Varun Puri’s favourite dish and it was undoubtedly one of the best fish preparations I have had in recent times. Sharabi Chicken Tikka, when each and every chicken bite is coated with masala and flambéed with rum, it is a deadly flavour combination, again highly recommended.


Dalcha Gosht Khausuey, do not I repeat, do not leave without trying this dish from their menu. This dish is completely dope. I was full but still could not stop eating this dish, yes it was that good, absolutely not to be missed. Lastly in dessert I ate Daulat Ki Chaat, or basically their own version of this dish and believe me, it tasted better than the original stuff that we get in old Delhi.

Verdict -: Chef Santu Maity has done a fabulous job of executing the dishes. The menu is vast and so economically priced that it will leave you spoilt for choice. The cocktails are spectacular and they also have a brewery serving five different kinds of brews out of which rose and strawberry are what I found unique. Add rooftop seating to the equation and we have got a winner of a place. Dutyfree Vayubar is most definitely here to stay.

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