Dr. Bubbles – For perfect thirst quencher in summers

Summers are here and thirst quencers are an absolute necessity. Bored of same old soft drinks and juices, well then I have got some really good news for you. Latest new entrant Dr Bubbles serves some absolutely amazing flavoured fruit teas which includes cherry natural tapioca balls which burst in your mouth. Now you understand why the name bubbles, the tapioca balls resemble the same.

I recently visited their outlet which is located in Sector 31, Gurugram to experience it for myself. So, first you choose your drink, then you choose the flavour and then the topping. And they have quite a few variants of bubbles to choose from. You will be left spoilt for choice. I ordered for Blueberry, Watermelon Dew and Katchi Kairi flavours. Me being a raw mango fan, absolutely loved the Katchi Kairi flavour. The blueberry was again lovely. If you like your drink to be on the sweeter side then you can opt for honey melon dew. The price of these fruit teas are Rs 140 for small size and Rs 160 for large size.  And they have close to 20 fruit teas to offer, and every flavour is unique in its own way.

Now Fruit Tea is not the only thing that Dr Bubbles serve. They also have milkshakes, Yogurt shakes, Iced coffee, Hot Chai, Hot Coffee, Square Waffles and Bubble Waffles in their menu. I couldn’t help but try their Red Velvet Waffle and believe me it was one of the best I have tried till date. If you are a waffle fan, this should be on your list.

Dr Bubbles has tremendous potential to be a game changer in the Delhi drink market especially with the temperature on the rise. So, do try these drinks out for yourself and thank me later.

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