Celebrate the good life with Golfer’s Shot

From the house of Alcobrew, Golfer’s Shot is a barrel aged whisky which was launched in 2014. First time tasting any new whisky just add a drop of water to it, to get all the notes. This warm golden coloured whisky has a smoky finish and is really smooth on the palate. Now the fact that it has been matured in hand crafted oak casks gives it that golden colour as well as the smoky undertone. On smelling it, you will get strong hint of spices.

Verdict -:

Priced just at Rs 750 for 750ml, I would say it is one off the finest blended whiskies available in today’s Indian market. At this cost I have rarely found a whisky which is smooth on the palate and doesn’t sting the throat. One of the major plus point is the way it smells, not too strong on the nose, yet having a complex aroma. The alcohol content is 42.8% so there is no doubt about its potency.

Overall, the smell, the taste and the cost are the three major score points in my opinion for this whisky. Easily available in almost all liquor stores, this is easily attainable without burning a hole in your pocket and with no compromise on quality. My recommendation, definitely give this a try.

Rating -: 4/5  

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