Bunker – The one with the army camp feel

Located in Crosspoint Mall, Bunker is known for serving huge burgers. I went to this place on a weekday afternoon and gobbled on quite a few dishes and cocktails. The server was good, although the food preparation time could have been a bit faster. The ambiance reminded me of an army training camp with guns and all. The place is built around that theme and the colour green is quite prominent in the décor.


In cocktails I drank LIIT, an all-time favourite which was quite well made. RDX Margarita, this tequila based drink had chopped green chillies in it, adding the extra zing. Recommended for spice lovers. Bunker’s Radical, this was a whisky, orange and ginger based drink, found it to be quite good. Fauji Tharra, a concoction of vodka, gin, tequila, Bacardi, Sambuca and blue curacao which was pretty blue in colour and totally packed a punch. This drink in itself is capable to get you high and is highly recommended.


Coming to the food, I began the meal with Veg Manchow Soup. It was spicy and had a lovely ginger kick but what I didn’t like was the addition of carrot in it. Peanut Kebab, crispy from outside and soft within with an added crunch of peanuts, this is absolutely delicious and is recommended. Minty Lamb Bites, another dish which is absolutely worth a try. Juicy lamb balls topped with a spicy sauce, this was a true delight.



Drone Pizza, first time I have had a pizza like this. This chicken pizza stole my heart. First attraction was the unique shape of this pizza and then came the juicy delicious chicken filing, this is not to be missed, highly recommended. Fauji Biryani, although the rice was quite flavorful, the mutton pieces weren’t soft enough.



In desserts I went for Fried Ice Cream and Classic Pancake. The fried ice cream was absolutely perfect, no complaints there. The shape of the pancakes weren’t perfect but they tasted absolutely delicious. All in all, I had a nice lunch at this place.

Ratings -:

Ambiance – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Drinks – 4/5

Food – 4/5

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