Brand new Nut Butters from Jimmy’s Gourmet Kitchen

Jimmy’s Gourmet Kitchen is known for its wide variety of hummus, sauces and dips. Housing over 30 kinds of dips and sauces, they have now ventured into making Nut Butters. These are sweetened with only coconut sugar and has authentic flavours of organic almonds sourced from Himachal and organic peanuts from local farmers markets.


These Nut Butters are available in 5 flavours, Classic Almond, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Cashewnut and Coconut. I have tried all the five variants. The texture of all of these are same except for the coconut one which doesn’t have any liquid consistency. I would like to name my favourites in order. First is Classic Almond, second is Dark Chocolate, third is Cashewnut, fourth is Coconut and last but not the least, is Hazelnut, that’s because I am not a hazelnut fan.

All the products are made with organic ingredients and has no preservatives, table sugar or additives of any kind. The flavour of the product comes directly from the fresh produce. It is basically based on the concept of farm to fork. Minimal fresh and organic ingredients used in the right way, and the result is absolutely delectable Nut Butters. And the best part, just eating a little bit of it can make you feel full. Extremely helpful if you are trying to satiate your hunger. And as we all know, organic products are better for our body any day.

You can place the order directly on their website. The prices of these Nut Butters varies from Rs 179 to Rs 399, depending on the quantity you order. Everything is made on demand which ensures you will get fresh products every time. Their social media handles are -:

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