Banta & Gola Festival at The Ancient Barbeque

Summers have struck the city and heat is on in its full swing! To give some respite from the scorching heat The Ancient Barbeque (TAB), Gurgaon has organised a “Banta & Gola Festival” in a complete desi way. Enjoy the roadside Banta flavours in a complete revamped avatar along with some icy Gola shots. The Gola’s & Banta’s are available in alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic version. The festival has started on 10th April and is absolutely free for the diners. The diners can enjoy these thirst quenchers along with their regular meal without any extra cost.

Pan Pasand Banta

In Bantas I tried Kala Khatta and Pan Pasand flavours and I really liked both of them.Also tried Jaljeera which was very tangy in taste. In Golas I tried the Kala Khatta flavour which was again really well made. But I found to be fantastic was the Nashila Gola. As the name suggests it had alcohol in it (Vodka) and tasted absolutely fantastic, highly recommended.

Aloo Bonda Vada Pav

Along with these they also have some street food which includes Ram Ladoos which I found to be very oakish. Aloo Bonda Vada Pav which was really good. But what absolutely stole the show was Oatmeal Vada Pao, this was absolutely fantastic and not be missed. For the non veg lovers out there, they also have a Chilli Chicken Vada Pao, which was quite spicy and can be given a try.

Apart from all this they have got quite a lavish buffet spread which is aptly priced. Overall it is a nice place and can be given a try.

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