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Coming from the house of T K Jewelers, Caratpearl has become one of the leaders in e-commerce websites specializing in fine jewelry and becoming a household name. They are specifically known for their innovative designs while keeping the authenticity of gold and diamond jewelry intact. A classic blend of ethnic and modern designs is what they create the best.


Now all of us don’t like to wear fine jewelry on a day to day basis because it requires additional care. People usually prefer junk jewelry because it is cheap and easy to carry without worrying about theft and even If you lose it, it doesn’t become a big deal. Keeping this in mind, Caratpearl is about to launch its silver jewelry collection which starts at the price of Rs 1200 and goes upto Rs 10000 and is 92.5% sterling silver.


I went for an exclusive preview of their Indo Ameaa designer jewelry collection. The jewelry pieces are incorporated with precious gemstones which are imported from outside India. One more interesting thing is that few silver jewelry designs have flawless gold plating which makes it look like actual gold jewelry to the naked eye. If you are not willing to spend on gold jewelry this will most certainly prove to be perfect alternative.


Few of the pieces have really intricate designs and gives it that antique looks, which the fashion junkie in me craves for. They also customize jewelry as per your needs and requirements. They are a very dedicated team who constantly come up with new ideas, and their main motive is customer satisfaction and to provide jewelry without inflated prices. The silver jewelry range is going to be live on their website soon, so do check it out.

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