After Stories – One of the best breweries in Gurugram

This sassy new addition to the Gurugram food scenario is nothing short of spectacular. Although Gurugram is brimming with breweries, amidst that After Stories is here to stay. Comprising of three floors which includes a basement as well as a separate outdoor seating, this restaurant is huge in every sense of the word. Located right behind the IFFCO metro station, the place is separated from the main market yet is situated in a prime location, quite perfect really.


This place offers 6 in house brews and although I am not a beer fan but I absolutely feel in love with these brews. The brews that they offer are Milk Stout, Belgian Wit Beer, Cyser, Apple Cider, Peach Ginger Melomel and Lime Ginger Melomel. Both the ginger based beer were my absolute favourite, after that I would opt for apple cider. Rest of the three brews were pretty good as well, without a doubt one of the sweetest beer I have tasted till date. Hence, the tag of best brewery in Gurugram, atleast for me.



Apart from the brews they serve some kickass cocktails as well. Gold Rush, their in house version of whisky sour, I instructed them to make it without the egg. Thoroughly enjoyed this potent drink and is recommended for whisky lovers. New Indian Brew, this tea and rum based cocktail caught my eye, and being a tea lover, I just had to try it. And might I add, it didn’t disappoint, one of the best cocktail ever. Other Side of the wall, this beautiful concoction of ginger with tequila was again something that I thoroughly enjoyed. Try any of these 3 cocktails and you won’t be disappointed.


Coming to the food, I ate Crispy Baby Potatoes which were tossed along with bell peppers in Thai sweet chilli sauce and topped with wasabi. Beautifully cooked with just the right amount of spiciness. Crunchy Fried Lotus Stem with Kimchi Caramel Glaze, the sweet quotient was rightly balanced in this dish. Lemon Basil Fish tossed with pepper and thai chillies, the fish was soft in texture and delectable in taste, recommended. Tawa Meat sautéed with bhuna masala and served with crispy flatbread, meat was neither too hard, neither too soft, and had absolutely right kind of texture and tasted delicious.


Tandoori Chicken Popcorn which was served with tomato kalonji chutney. This one of a kind chicken popcorn was without a doubt my favourite starter out of the lot, absolutely not to be missed. Rajma Galauti served with ulte tawe ka parantha, usually I have encountered that rajma galauti tends to be dry but these were beautifully moist and quite toothsome. Crispy chicken tossed with Sriracha chillies and Maple & Honey Glaze, this was the perfect combination of sweet and spicy and the chicken morsels were beautifully cooked.


Moving on to the main course I ate, Mumbaiya style chicken triple Sichuan rice, fried chicken served with Manchurian gravy topped with fried egg and crispy noodles. The flavours emanating from this dish was nothing short of spectacular. I completely devoured this dish, again not be missed. Slow Braised Mutton Shank with blueberry pulao and mutton curry. This signature dish of there was the show stealer. Rich gravy, perfectly cooked lamb and that blueberry pulao was to die for, not to be missed. The last dish that I had in main course was the Baby Promfret Patrani, being a Bengali, the love for fish is inbuilt. That being said, this fish preparation was absolutely fantastic. It was thoroughly coated with spices and cooked to perfection, highly recommended.


Coming to the desserts, I ate Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream, one dish that always makes me happy. Gooey in the middle with rich chocolaty flavour, this was delightful. Lemon Curd on a bed of Cashew and Jaggery biscotti, the lemon curd was nice and the texture of biscotti was neither soft, nor hard, just right. Tiramisu, it was an eye candy, the presentation was that elegant. And taste wise it was delicious as well. Lunchtime Churros, this was my favourite dessert from out of the lot. That crunchy bite with a dollop of clotted cream was pure heaven, highly recommended.


My verdict, After Stories most certainly has a lot to offer, whether it be the delectable brews, or the innovative and delicious dishes, this place most certainly managed to steal my heart and visit is highly recommended.

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Ratings -:

Ambiance – 5/5

Service – 4.5/5

Drinks – 5/5

Food – 4.5/5


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