Activ8me is ready to offer a unique platform that distributes healthy and nutritional foods and drinks.

New Delhi, May 06, 2017– A good health is a right to every person and keeping its legacy continue, Activ8me leading provider of innovative fitness Products and solution will launch a full range of products, the range will include healthy and nutritional foods and drinks and A machine, with a wide variety of assortment of hand-picked, nutritionally beneficial snacking and drinking items, that would act as hunger crushers for your round the clock work or gym routine. These Vending Machines are fully compatible with the INR currency notes, plastic money cards and top up cards.


The occasion was graced by Mandira Bedi, She is an Indian actress, fashion designer, model and a television star that has a keen interest in leading a healthy lifestyle. Considering exercise to be her sole stress buster, she continues to stay fit at 41, inspiring gazillion onlookers in the process. Vinay Sangwan, a Kettle Bell professionalist who’s been Winning kettle bell championships one after another, Vinay Sangwan easily shows everyone what benefits does this exercise equipment has and how underrated it is. With top notch clients, he ensures to empower the world in the realm of health via his fitness techniques. Priya Prakash: HealthSetGo, is India’s pioneering health service provider and Priya Prakash is the head of this renowned NGO. Her work is been applauded across the country and she has roped in the award for Best Student’s Health Initiative by Indian Education Awards. Dr. Vaibhav Garg, A reputed and certified dietition and nutritionist based out of Gurgaon, Dr. Vaibhav Garg is a Fitness Junkie and Diet Motivator. On the days when you lack that inspiration to stay healthy, those are the days when he’ll have your back! Himanshu Malhotra, A famed television actor, Himanshu Malhotra had caused a stir with his impeccable acting skills. Of late, he has become a known motivational speaker on topics pertaining to health, day to day life issues and the like. Himanshu has also appeared in a numerous reality shows, “nach baliye” being one of them.

Activ8Me is a one-of-a-kind nutritional distribution platform that uses healthy vending machines to bring convenient, healthier, and better-for-you foods and drinks to people across the nation. We utilize and develop a network of fun, successful, and passionate social entrepreneurs that are ultra-committed to our overarching vision of making healthy foods more convenient than junk food. Main focus is to create synergy in the work environment by satiating the nutritional needs of employees with Snack & Beverage vending machines that are not just smart but super healthy.  Activ8Me is much more than an assortment of ready to consume healthy products. It’s a Revolution that will change what we eat and why we eat it. Aimed at generating awareness and turning a mere alternative, which we see “Healthy food” as into a Lifestyle.


Activ8Me is a unique platform that distributes healthy and nutritional foods and drinks to people across the country. With the snacking options provided through the Activ8Me Healthy Vending Machines, we provide an opportunity to every individual who comes in touch with the machine, to change their lifestyle and eating habits, for the good.

You may be in the gym or your workplace, we thrive to provide you with healthy and nutritious snacking and drinking options without compromising on the taste, and that is our main aim.

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